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Toddler Program (18-36 months)

Our Toddler Community is a prepared environment for children 18 to 36 months. The equipment in their large sunny room, the atrium right off the classroom for active play, routines that have been carefully designed to support their development, have all been planned to meet the needs of our youngest students in a “home away from home” atmosphere. The program is designed for children to become independent and learn to take care of their basic personal needs, to grow in language acquisition and vocabulary development and to develop social skills. Toilet training is also a part of this program and is achieved gradually as the younger students observe the older. There is a child/staff ratio of 6: 1 in this community.

Preschool & Kindergarten (3-6 years old)*

The Early Childhood program is for children aged three to six years that includes kindergarten. A large classroom filled with Montessori equipment, an atrium for outdoor activity, and a large playground with play equipment and picnic tables, compose the richly prepared space for these children. Each day the children have lessons given individually and they also attend large and small group activities. The overall goals of this program are to have children grow in independence, develop coordination, communication and concentration skills, and to learn there is an order to every activity to achieve a successful outcome. Our language curriculum follows a strong phonics program as well as provides many language experiences to develop a sight reading vocabulary. The child/staff ratio of 10:1 is found in our early childhood program allowing for much one-on-one interaction between adult and student. The youngest students in the program nap at mid-day allowing the older students to have an afternoon work period and have more advanced geography, science, language and math lessons with the teacher.

*See Kindergarten Video below

Elementary School Program (6-12 years old)

The Elementary community is for children aged six to twelve years. Their large classroom is abundantly equipped with materials and Montessori equipment for developmentally appropriate hands-on learning which lead the children through concrete experiences leading to the understanding of abstract thought. The curriculum more than covers the first six years of the elementary school. The students are in a self pacing math program and lessons are given individually. The teacher assesses understanding of concepts through observation and one-on-one discussion. Large and small group lessons are used to present history, geography, science, and geometry. The follow up work from these lessons often include research done by the students. Through this process of reading, gathering information; writing, editing and publishing their work, the children develop their composition skills. These children have an expansive library within the classroom, kitchen, multipurpose space for lunch and art activities, and a large playground and deck for outdoor activities.

The elementary program is divided into two groups, Lower Elementary consists of six to nine year olds and Upper Elementary has nine to twelve year olds. There is a 10:1 ratio in the classes.

Montessori Kindergarten: Empowering & Essential from American Montessori Society on Vimeo.