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Please take some time to read what our parents and students have to say about Sherwood Forest Montessori School.

Parent Testimonials

September 1, 2016

I just wanted to let you all know that Rachel is adjusting well in her new public school. She hasn’t had any problems adjusting to the new environment so far and seems happy. She really misses all her friends at SFMS & all you wonderful teachers. Like I always say SFMS is a magical place.

Many parents ask how children transition from a Montessori classroom to a traditional environment.    We believe that SFMS students have a strong foundation thus making for a smooth transition. Recently, we had an 8 year old boy transition from Sherwood Forest Montessori School to his local public school in Katy to enter the third grade.   He enrolled in our school in 2009 at age 3. One of the best ways to witness this transition is to hear from the current teachers in the new school. Below are actual comments that were sent home to the family on the first 6 weeks report card. For privacy reasons we have changed the names.

“Wesley is an amazing student! He is so bright and does not even realize it! I am so thrilled your family decided to join the KISD family.   He is a strong reader and comprehends what he reads. He loves to read and is able to put his thoughts about what he is reading on paper. Wesley takes his school work seriously which sets a wonderful example for others to follow. He is a gently leader among his peers. I love that he participates in class and is eager to share his thoughts with the class. I see a fantastic academic future ahead of him. You must be very proud of him. Thanks for sharing your kind son with me. He is a pleasure to have in class.”

Ms. Powell

“Wesley is a fantastic mathematician! I have truly enjoyed getting to know your son this year. In math, he promptly gets to work and puts his best effort forth. I can tell that he enjoys math because he takes pride in his work and does not rush through anything. He is a wonderful leader amongst his peers. Wesley has rocked his fact fluency! I am so happy to see that! When working with word problems and more in depth math, he shows his strategies and even goes back to check his work. This makes me thrilled as a math teacher! He has a bright future ahead of him and I cannot wait to see what’s in store next. At this time, I do not see any academic or behavioral issues.

Something else that makes Wesley a born leader, is that I can always count on him to work well with his peers. Even if he is working with someone at a lower academic level than him, he makes the other student feel heard. I love that he does not just give answers to his peers, but he guides them through the process. Also, in science he always participates in the lab and I love hearing him share his thoughts. He is a curious young man.   Thank you for sharing your son with us.”

Miss Smith

“I just want to add that this whole process, painful as it has been, has emphasized to us how excellent the teaching is at Sherwood Forest and what a great job you have done with all three of my children. Not only have they all scored highly on the admissions tests, but visiting other schools has brought home to us what a wonderful learning environment they are currently in.”

—From a current parent that is applying her students to higher education.
February 2014

“Over the past two weeks a lady that I work with has been having problems with her 3 year old daughter at school.  The school has been reluctant to work with her, or help to provide a solution to the problem.

Watching her go through this stressful situation has made me so  very thankful for all of the teachers & staff at your school.  Sara has had her growing pains, but I know Randy & I both feel that when there have been issues we have all collaborated to resolve them.

I wanted to say a very heartfelt THANK YOU for the time, attention & care you all provide on a daily basis.  We are truly blessed that our family gets to be a part of the Sherwood family.”

—Mother of current 4 year old student
February 2015

Student Testimonials

Three wonderful students in the 6th Grade provider their unique perspective in their graduation speeches in 2016. Please view the PDF’s below to read what they had to say.

2016 Graduation Speeches

2015 Graduation Speeches

6th Grade Graduation Speech
May 2015
By: Mackenzie

When I started here 3 years ago I walked into a building with a bunch of smiling faces, and I knew this was the right school for me. In 4th grade my teachers were Ms. Dika and Ms. Samantha. I went to Prude ranch, and that was very fun. I got to go horseback riding, and explore the desert area. I struggled with my math work at points, but the teachers were so nice, they helped me through it all.

In 5th grade my teachers were Ms. Dika, and Ms. Saadia. I went to Camp Allen, and that was a very fun trip I enjoyed activities that I had never done before, like going on the giant swing, and canoeing. We also got a new art teacher, Ms. Saskia, and she is the best art teacher on the planet.

Now finally, 6th grade, the best year. For the school year my teachers were Ms. Saadia, Ms. Samantha, and then Ms. Lizby. We went to Corpus Christi, and that was the best trip. I learned about the ocean, and the creatures in the Gulf of Mexico. When it was time to go, I was sad to leave. We did even better, more genius things in art. Ms. Saadia came up with this really cool idea called operation shadow. I got to shadow a parent that works at different hospitals. It was so cool to be a pretend doctor for a day. But sadly, in a few hours, I will be leaving this school, but the teachings, and the memories will always stay with me.

6th Grade Graduation Speech
May 2015
By: Calis

“When I first came to Sherwood Forest, I was younger and I didn’t know anyone from my past school. Lower Elwent by fast, first, second, third. The most exciting part about Lower El for me was the Third Grade Trip. Upper El had many different adventures which included the Upper El trips; Prude Ranch, Camp Allen, and corpus Christi, also the discoverey of Gagaball, and learning decimals.

“My time in Upper El was fun and I think future students will also enjoy it”

6th Grade Graduation Speech
May 2015
By: Artemio

When I first came to Sherwood Forest in 2nd grade, I did not know that it would be one of my life’s greatest adventures. When I came to Lower Elementary, the teachers were Ms. Sara and Ms. Martha. They both were very kind and encouraged me through 2nd and 3rd grades. When I was in 3rd grade we went on the trip to Canyon Lake, I had a great time. Then the next year I was sad to leave Lower El but I was Upper El! The teachers were Ms. Dika and Ms. Samantha. They were just like the Lower El, the encouraged me right to the end of 4th grade. I experienced my second trip to Prude Ranch, West Texas. In 5th grade Ms. Samantha went to Lower El and so we got Ms. Saadia and just like Ms. Samantha. She was just as nice but helped me more in math. Also during 5th grade I went on my third trip to Camp Allen. In 6th grade I was a great student and I had my fourth and final trip to Corpus Christi on the Texas Coast. I feel sad that I am leaving such a great school with great people that helped me but I feel excited at the same time because I am going to start the next stage of my life. I would like to thank all of you before I leave, so Thank You!

6th Grade Graduation Speech
By: Solana

I have heard these speeches my whole life but when I began writing mine, I didn’t know where to start. So like almost any 12-year-old with access to the internet, I started there, and when I was on a site about speeches, I saw something that said that people won’t exactly remember what you say, but they will remember how it made them feel. It would be impossible to explain my Sherwood Forest Montessori experience in one speech, the satisfaction of mastering a work, the disappointment when a good book ends, or the excitement of getting a new project. All of these would take forever to explain so I’ll do my best to sum it up.

I’ll begin with the toddler community, I don’t remember a lot from my toddler years except my teachers Ms. Jennifer, and Ms. Dora but I have heard stories of saying good-bye to a picture of a fish in the wall, and of attempting to wage war on naptime. Eventually, like all toddlers do, I moved up to EC. I have few memories of early EC, but the ones I do have, I treasure. I remember my teachers Ms. Linda and Ms. Kim, and doing shell washing work almost every afternoon with my friend Savannah. I remember Zoe the bird, and how distraught I was when I discovered that my baby sister Evara and I would be in separate classes due to the opening of EC2. All in all EC flew by. I just hadn’t realized it until now. Then I graduated to Elementary, I was finally a big kid. I got to plan my own work, and I got my own desk. I was amazing. Slowly I moved up to third grade (a very good year for me). I was in the same class as my sister Evara again, and I was graduating to Upper El. Soon I would be an even bigger kid! Throughout my years here I have said goodbye to old friends and hello to new ones. I am heartbroken to be leaving, but Dr. Seuss once said “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Thank You

Going Away Speech
May 2015
By: Lily

Hello everyone. My name is Lillian, but you can refer to me as Lily. Today is, sadly, my last day at this school. I’ve had a great time in my five years here, but, things must change. Oh well.

My teachers in Lower El were great, and they still are! I learned a lot of things there, even though it got really confusing at times – Ahem, MULTIPLICATION! I loved (almost) every second of it! I remember when I was in 2nd grade, I was not looking forward to writing in cursive all the time, but I ended up loving it!

My time in Upper El, while drawing to a close, was great, however persistently difficult and it got very baffling at times. Upper El is just Lower El in MUCH more detail.

In Upper El I enjoyed week long trips the most. Last year we went to Camp Allen, and it was awesome there! We got to play a fun game called Gagaball and get it put in our school. We also got to learn many things about the Piney Woods area. I personally wish I could go back in time and go there and go there again with the group.

The Corpus Christi trip we recently took was definitely amazing. The views were great on the drives to places, there was great food, and, of course, it was packed with information about aquatic life and the seas and oceans. We had lots of fun, and, again, I want to have a do-over!

Now I would like every single one of you to think of your favorite moment from any of your schools, and enjoy that memory for a moment. Thank you for your time.

Going Away Speech
May 2015
By: Brooklyn

August 20, 2007 was my first day at S.F.M.S. I was in Ms. Kim and Ms. Linda’s Pre-K class. My favorite material was the Pink Tower, and going to Dewberry farm was always fun. Leaving Ms. Linda’s class after spending three years with her was difficult because I would have to get to know my new teachers just as I knew Ms. Linda, but she took me and the other Kindergarteners on one last trip to a bowling alley which was very fun.

Moving to lower elementary made me nervous because I was no longer one of the oldest kids in the class. But having my brother Josh in the same class as me made me feel better. The materials in Lower Elementary are different than EC but Ms. Sara and Ms. Martha helped me to learn how to use them. Going on the 3rd year trip to Canyon Lake and staying in Ms. Sara Norton’s house with Christine, Lily, Robert, and Max was a lot of fun.

I have enjoyed having Ms. Dika and Ms. Saadia as my teachers in Upper Elementary along with Ms. Samantha and Ms. Lizby. Going to Corpus Christi this year was a lot of fun. I loved doing the Float Your Boat program, and being with all my friends.

I want to thank all the teachers that have helped me over the eight years that I have been at this school. I’ve made good friends but now it’s the time to say good bye to everyone since this my last year here and Last Junior Olympics. It’s been fun.

Thank You!

Going Away Speech
May 2015
By: Bailey

I have been at Sherwood Forest for three years. The school is different from other schools because teachers take time to explain the work to us. They also give you enough time to do each work. At other schools, there are more limits. I know this school has made me a good student now, and has also prepared me for my next school. I will miss Sherwood Forest Montessori School and I think other will miss it too.

Thank You!


6th Grade Graduation Speech
May 2015
By: Aurelien

I have been at Sherwood Forest Montessori School for nine years, and I don’t know about you, but that’s a long time for me! Honestly all I remember from my early years here is that I bragged I could count by twos and someone cut my hair in class. Sadly, I also remember who did that.

Being here a long time, I have had many teachers and many have made a lasting impact on my education and my perception of the world around me. I started here when I was three years old and my first teachers were Miss Kim and Miss Lynda. I made many friends at that time, and one of them I still keep in touch with. When I moved to Kindergarten, Miss Kim left and Miss Lynda became the new head teacher. I stayed in EC and later EC1 for three years. I think that the teacher that made the biggest impression on me in EC was Miss Lynda.

When I moved on to first grade, there was a huge change. My first day in elementary was with all the other elementary students being introduced to the new teachers, Miss Sara and Miss Martha. First grade was fun and I moved along smoothly. When second grade came along, all the work got harder, and now the new first graders were the cute ones.

I believe that my favorite year in elementary was third grade. We assisted in Upper Elementary group work, had many projects, such as my Great Explorers project that I did with Aiden S., and we went on the third grade trip. The third grade trip was very helpful for me to know what it was like to live with other people, and learn about the Texas Hill Country. Fourth grade was hard, I learned many new things, but there was so much drama and the schedules always changed, I just couldn’t keep up. The trip to Prude Ranch was a big mark on my timeline as well, for various reasons.

Fifth grade was a great time. Learned about a lot of new mathematical concepts that helped this year learn the simplest way a square rooting problem could be solved. This year, many of my friends left to go on to other schools as well, and the Camp Allen trip was fun because of all the outdoor activities, but because of this evil thing called “being sick” I missed two days of the trip.
Sixth grade was exciting because I learned square rooting, we got the field, and we had many hands-on projects to do, though sometimes, I couldn’t finish the projects on time. The trip to Corpus Christi was really fun, and I learned all about the Texas coast.

Having spent so much time with so many different people has really changed my life, and even some of my perspectives of the world. I had started learning to count by twos, and when I finished the program, I could solve a square root problem with ease, though, when it gets to quadrinomials, I might as well use a calculator!

My favorite thing here was the teachers. Each one was important in my understanding of the skills I will need later on. I have had so many, and each had their own, special way of teaching. Among my most influential teachers were Miss Lynda, Miss Sara Zamora, and all of my Upper Elementary teachers.

I will now be going on to another Montessori school, I hope that it will be as wonderful as Sherwood, and I will never forget this school.

Thank You.